Wheelchairlift  MB1300 - The everywhere lift

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Travel height up to 128 cm

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The big brother of lift MB1000

Our wheelchair lift MB1300 is technically based on lift MB1000. The platform size is ideal for installation in public area. 

The length of 200cm has enough space to carry a wheelchair user and a second person at the same time.

You only need a plain ground and a 230V socket nearby for the installation. It's that easy.

Technical details:

Travel height ​128 cm
Dimensions ​131 x 200 cm
Platform dimensions ​90 x 200 cm
Loading capacity ​260 kg
Pit depth (optionally) 70 mm

Odoo CMS - a big picture

Wheelchair lift MB1300

Perfect for installation in public areas. Optimal für den öffentlichen Bereich. Sturdy construction with high reliability and a high degree of protection against vandalism.

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