Wheelchair lift MB850

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Light and breezy

Our small lift MB850 is especially planed with light and open design to get placed in the most low-key way.

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Automatic folding ramp

The automatic folding ramp has two features. On the one hand they help to overcome the approaching height, on the other hand it demands an anti-fall safeguard for the wheelchair user. The ramp is opened and closed mechanically by a lever while driving. – no electrical equipment required.

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Door for the upper station

One can optional build a door out of stainless steel at the upper station. This protects against falling down from above and demands especially in public places like schools, hotels and apartment houses additional security.

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Sensor button with touch-surface

The optional sensor buttons are extremely rugged and safe against vandalism so it is ideal to be used in public places.

Due to their seize and their touch surface the pressing of the buttons needs nearly no power – a big pro when thinking about comfort.



Video function folding ramp #1


Video function folding ramp #2


Video function automatic Door

Lift MB850 duo

Odoo CMS - a big picture

MB850 duo 

In its lowered position the MB850 fits perfectly into its installation situation.