Original attachments for your Herkules Liftwerk Lift

Configurate your lift like you want to

Here you can find a complete summary of all the attachments available for our lifts. You can discover many things, from a remote to a complete door with automatic door drive.

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NEW! Control your lift with your freshest smartphone – via Bluetooth

Nowadays there’s an app for anything. Even for your Herkules Liftwerk lift. Download the app in the Google Playstore or the Apple App Store and connect via Bluetooth with your lift. You only have to search for “Hublift” and you will easily find it. You can also use the following links::

Download Hublift-App für Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

Download Hublift-App für Android

No longer pushing hard-steering buttons: simply put your finger on your smartphone and there you go. Your Smartphone must be able to connect with Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 so you can use this feature. Most of the ongoing smartphones have it already equipped.

A security code protects against unauthorized using, the emergency call button will connect you directly to a telephone number of your choice. 

Hand control unit on spiral cable – the standard

When you get your Liftwerk Lift, the handling in standard always happens with the hand control unit on spiral cable which is included in the scope of delivery. It is absolutely enough for the private use. The spiral cable is extremely flexible and extendible, so you can store it on your lift wherever you want.

The hand control unit even withstands rain or snow. It is weatherproof and has a secure grip.

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Remote Control

You need a comfortable and safe operation of your Liftwerk lift?

Then our remote control is exactly what you need.

Up to 32 hand-held transmitters could be integrated on one lift that is equipped with the radio control.

It won’t be a problem if the batteries run slow one day. Our hand-held transmitter works with customary available AAA-batteries which you can easily change yourself.

From now on: If you order your lift with a remote control the Bluetooth control with your smartphone is automatically included – for free!

Plug-in Hand Control Unit

You can let your standard hand control unit be executes as a plug-in so you can remove it from your lift when you’re not at home for a longer time.

This execution also makes sense when your lift has a remote control unit. So you can use your lift even when the batteries of the hand-held transmitter run low.

Additional this version it gives you the opportunity to change the unit yourself if a damage occurs.

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Control panel with sensor buttons on the platform

The control units of the lift should be extra sturdy?

No Problem for our control panel which can optionally be ordered with or without a key.

The sensor buttons are extremely sturdy and safe against vandalism and therefore perfectly fitting in public places.

Thanks to their size and their sensor surface there’s no need for power when pressing the button – a big addition when it comes to comfort.

You could also use your own key - locking system if you want to. One can build in standard-closing cylinders with 40mm installation length into our control panel. There’s also space for the popular Euro-Key.

Call buttons at the stations

The ideal addition for the control panel..

Our call buttons made of 2mm strong stainless steel are extremely sturdy. .

Since we use the same sensor buttons as on the control panel they guaranty a high degree of persistence and security against vandalism. The used sensor buttons demand a high comfort here as well.

The call buttons are also available with or without keys.

You could even use your own key – locking system if you want to. One can buil in standard-closing cylinders with 40mm installation length into our control panel. Here’s again also space for the popular Euro-Key.

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Stainless steel pillar for the call buttons

If you don’t have any opportunity to base the call buttons near your lift this stainless steel pillar will help you out. It will be fixed on the ground and is used to intake our call buttons.

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Barrier for the lower entrance

Your Herkules Liftwerk lift demands a security against falling off through its automatic folding ramp.

If you want to, your Liftwerk lift can additionally be equipped with a barrier at the lower entrance. This demands extra, safe security for standing companions or walking frame users.

This option is only available for the products MB1000, MB1300, MB1100 and MB1800.

Ride-on safety bar to prevent falling for upper station

You wish for a security against falling for the upper station but don’t want to make a big effort for it?

The you can simply order our safety bar. 

The bar will be fixed on the lift and will ride with it. Is the lift on its lower station the bar will block out the entrance on the upper station. Is the lift driven to its upper station one can easily walk underneath it.

This option is only available for our Products MB1000, MB1300 and MB1100.

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Stainless steel door to prevent falling for upper station

The maximum security for the upper station is the task of our stainless steel door.

Manufactured out of stainless steel and aluminium the door guaranties a long life expectance.

The door leaf consists of a polycarbonate plane in light white. The filling can optional also be ordered transparent.

The door is available in DIN left and DIN right.

The upper call button can optionally be integrated inside the door.

To perfect the use we can additionally offer an electric door drive. This opens the door independent when the lift reaches the upper station and is capable to detect obstacles. Of course the door opener also closes the door after using it. An absolute win in comfort.

Automatic door opener

If you want even more comfort we could additionally equip your Liftwerk door with an automatic door opener. This opens and closes electronically, detects obstacles and blinks during the opening process. 

On the right picture one can see an installed automatic door opener on a MB1800 lift – an absolute gain in comfort, especially for wheelchair users and persons with restriction of movement.

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Battery-driven emergency lowering

In case your house often deals with power breakdowns we give you the opportunity to integrate a battery-driven emergency lowering into your MB1000 or MB1300 lift.

If the power fails you just take the key of the emergency-off button, put it into the little key switch button, turn it to the right and then drive down battery-buffered. So you can free yourself from the lift without the help of a third person.. 

Powder-coated stainless steel panels

You don’t really like the look of stainless steel?

Than simply choose the RAL-colour you want and we will get the outside panels of your lift powder coated. Maybe even more, you decide what your lift from Herkules Liftwerk will look like.

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